Thursday, March 24, 2011

Saturn 3

How I love the internet.

One minute I’m reading on article on and the next minute I’m reminded of a film from 1980 that made me shiver with a feeling of nostalgia.

The shiver came in the form of a trailer for Saturn 3, a sci-fi/horror film starring Kirk Douglass, Farrah Fawcett and Harvey Keitel.

Saturn 3 was a film that came out after ALIEN and promised a good mashing of horror and science fiction.

The ads looked promising but for whatever reason I never managed to see this film.

I still have yet to see it and after doing a little searching it seems to be unavailable on DVD.

The year prior to its release I saw ALIEN, the first R rated film I ever saw in a theater and was hooked on the horror sci-fi genre.

Really hooked, because every year that followed there were one or two films that captured my interest such as Galaxy of Terror, Outland, The Thing, Dreamscape, Lifeforce and on and on.

Back to the present, watching this youtube clip was enough to fire up the memories and make me find a copy of this film.

Sadly it looks like I’m limited to picking up a used VHS copy but I guess that’s ok because it’s sort of fitting to watch an old film using old technology.

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