Monday, August 11, 2008

80 Days-Holy Shit!

80 Days!
Eighty days left till Halloween-holy shit, I’d better get my ass in gear. Here’s the list of things to complete before the big day (actually earlier seeing that I set up my display about one week prior to Halloween).

1. Evil Pumpkin patch-13 nasty papier mache pumpkins sitting in a …you guessed it…a patch.
2. Marsha, my blucky redesigned in papier mache, latex and monster mud.
3. Digger, my 1992 prop restored or reimagined, caretaker of the evil pumpkin patch.
4. Bats, three large vampire-like bats that are just “hanging around” the yard.
5. Sentinels, two new grotesque statues guarding the entrance to the new pumpkin patch.
6. Spider repairs-repair and redesign of two large spiders built last year.
7. New tombstones created from some recycled foam I acquired.

Ok, I don’t feel so bad, only seven things on the list…it’s manageable. Freaked out for a second but everything is cool…gonna relax tonight and watch “Vertigo” as I seem to be in the mood to watch Hitchcock films lately.

Feel better now.


1 comment:

Ghostess said...

Dammit! Now look what you've gone and made me do! I'm in panic mode now..

LOL Good luck with all the new projects. I start a new job on the 25th, so I'm totally gonna be having a hard time getting used to NOT having all that spare time I've had all these years. ARGHHHH!!!!


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