Monday, August 18, 2008

TrueDungeon=True Fun!

In my opinion this is VERY cool.

While researching an upcoming project I stumbled across a site called True Dungeon. In a nutshell True Dungeon is an actual D&D (Dungeons & Dragons for you non-geeks) experience with real sets, real props all providing a “real” fantasy experience. In all honesty I must admit that I was never a D&D fan, I never got into the game but I have always enjoyed the concept and especially the artwork contained in all those DM (Dungeon Master) books.

Back to True Dungeon. The experience uses real sets (very cool), real props and a variety of different interactive experiences. The parallels between this style of attraction and the memorable haunts that we strive for are obvious.

Check the website’s photos and video, it’s very impressive, worth the time and just may spark an idea or two.

The site also mentions LARP which is Live Action Role Playing. The concept is very similar to our goals of creating an exciting experience outside the realm of reality.
Very cool stuff indeed.

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