Monday, August 11, 2008

Newsprint vs. Glossy

In the past I have always avoided using glossy paper such as full color ads or magazines for strip mache as I felt it didn’t soak up the paste as well as non-gloss newsprint.

During my recent work on some large papier mache pumpkins I was having trouble telling how many layers were being applied so I opted to use alternating layers of b&w newsprint and full color glossy ads.

The idea of alternating between b&w and color was a technique that I had read on several papier mache sites, so thank you to those that have posted information about this technique.

The technique worked well and I experienced no problems. The glossy paper held the paste well and presented no problems.

Glossy paper is now a welcome addition to my arsenal of techniques.

1 comment:

Grim said...

...and here I was thinking I made up that technique, haha! That really did help me out a lot, using black and white then colored paper, I never used the glossy kind yet though, good tip!


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