Thursday, August 7, 2008

Let Me Give You A Hand

Been asked many times on how I create the hands for my papier mache creatures:
Here are a couple photos of the way I approach hands, this technique may work for can elongate or shorten the fingers as much as you like....this is a simple way to build an armature for papier mache or paperclay.
The knuckles are simply squares of newspaper soaked in papier mache paste, then rolled and squeezed into a ball shape. The finger portions are rolled tubes of newspaper secured with masking tape.
The fingers were hot glued to the knuckles in whatever position desired, then the entire armatures was covered in strip mache and/or papier mache clay.



Miss M. Possible said...

Wow, this is so seriously awesome... You need more attention in this blog!!!

art bliss said...

This is fantastic, what a perfectly creepy result from things we all have laying about. Your creativity inspires me whenever I'm in a slump!


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