Thursday, August 7, 2008

Top Ten List

Everyone says if you want to accomplish something you need to write it down.

Well here is my Top 10 List of things I hope to accomplish regarding the art of papier mache.

The list is prioritized in order of importance with number one being the most important.

Here's the list.

10. Create every single prop that I can imagine.

9. Design and build a HUGE papier mache prop. Bigger than a garbage truck. Guiness book of world records big.

8. Meet and work with more Halloween papier mache enthusiasts. Nothing is more fun than playing in paste with good friends.

7. Introduce more people to the joys of papier mache.

6. Invent a revolutionary new papier mache recipe.

5. Develop new techniques for papier mache construction.

4. Design and build an entire classic dark ride using papier mache as the primary medium for the props.

3. Build and operate my very own papier mache studio.

2. Combine papier mache and animatronics.

1. Earn a living working with papier mache.

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